WRBT Volume 3

WRBT's newest DVD volume 3 released in May of 2015, features over 60 freight train artists covering all of North America. Achue Afids Almost Aneks Avenue Awal Bale Beers Beis Bloks Busch Hog Chero Corpse Cuate Dont Drama Dude Ec Ender Ews Foroe Gits Globe Goon Hans Hatso Haute Heave Jaber Jigl Kavis Keptoe Kick Kres Kue Lamps Levis LM Link Lone Oddone Met Motion Ohio Otes Ower Pale Pike Pre Rapid Reap Reign Retse River Joe Rober Rosay Rufie Scamr Seer Serb Sinek Sizeo Smore Strike Tater They Trevs Unik Vilen Visah Wasp Wire Writs +more!

Price: $17.00


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