SWEAR ANT Interview

1. What do you write & what crews do you rep?

I go by SWEAR and I push for ANT   “ALL NATION TEAM”

2. Who & what got you into graffiti?

I cant say I got into graffiti like most other writers do , I can say my case is a bit different because I started at the age of 15 back in 2002 . Whether you believe it or not i actually got into styling letters in a art class I was taking in high school when they gave us a project to do using letters. After that I started to notice all of the graffiti in my neighborhood, then I started getting into it at the time I didn’t know anyone that did graffiti so i started doing it on my own . Ever since I keep myself motivated to keep on pushing , there have only been 2 people that have influenced me to paint more or better thanks to them I am here still today , RAOS and KNISTT both put me up on game with the rails then the rest is history..

3. I see you on a lot of trains, is that your main medium?

I wouldnt say trains are my main medium , lets just say I choose not to paint the city much, it is hard to keep on killing shit with the same name in a city specially when your booked for it. The reason you see me on trains mainly now is because of that I dont like to have the city on my ass and I rather have my work rolling in different countries states and cities..I first fell in love with the whole idea of getting famous by painting trains in late 2007 when I did my first train with KNISTT then I teamed up with my brother RAOS..I dont have to speak on my freight career im sure it can speak for itself now..I also paint walls and canvases when ever I have the time or opportunity to do so..

4. What keeps the flame lit for you to keep going & your style evolving?

Well there are a few things that keep me pushing forward and evolving and experimenting and trying new things, the main one is looking at all the time I’ve spent doing it already in my eyes its too late to quit. Another is the time I spend painting away from my family, and last my dream to one day be the best I can be to myself and others, I am a strong believer that were all destined to thrive in our own ways..
5. What would youtell the newgeneration about the dos & don’ts of beingin the freight game?

That is a good question, well I dont consider myself to be the old ornew generation I rather say I am part of the present generation , I can only say to do you. Don’t worry about what others are doing and dont live in regret, do as you feel whether is good or bad you only live life once. Chase your dreams and never give up , be humble and dont believe the hype…

6. Any artists that are pushing the limits these days?

I’m not going to get too much into this subject because we all think different, by the term ” pushing limits ” if  your regarding size techniques colors themes and so on in my eyes from what I’ve seen there aren’t too many doing it.. shit I don’t even consider myself pushing the limits at least not yet, I’ve seen many come and go but there are a few that I can name rite off the bat that been around longer then me and are still pushing the freight game forward, for example HINDUE, MECRO, RYOE, MERS, PASER, TCI CREW and a few others I can’t remember right now.. Just for the record if your name was not mentioned is probably because I am judging by what you put out and your consistency regarding todays present not the pass or the future , a lot of heads get it twistedthesedays thinking if they paint every train they will make an impact to keep it real those days are over with, and for those who think painting one train a year will make a difference your out of your fucking mind hahaha the key is balance and the new role model is QUALITY over QUANTITY .. I’ve seen a lot of shit over the years and I am still to see the best of whats to come I do see the freight game taking a turn for the better but it will still take years before it gets to be all about quality ..will just have to let the rails tell their tales.

7. Any shout outs?

Just want to give my wife and kids a special thank you for giving me the opportunity to still do what I love , and also to all my ANT brothers and to all the real friends I’ve made over the years.. one last shout out, to all my haters I still got love for ya !!!

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