ARBE KOG LTS Interview

1. What do you write and what crews do you rep?

ARBE KOG LTS Los Angeles

2. When & how did you first get into graffiti?

I’ve been into graffiti since the 2nd or 3rd grade, that’s when I remember noticing it in my neighborhood. I grew up in Santa Ana, California. About 35 miles south from downtown L.A., a straight shot down the 5 freeway. There’s a lot of gangs in the city I grew up in. I loved between Santa Nita & Middle Side gangs. My elementary school was right in the hearth of Middle Side’s hood and that’s when I remember seeing graffiti for the first time. They would do some of the sickest top 2 bottom old english and block letters I’ve seen to this day. I’d see there placasos to and from school. I was intrigued with graffiti at a young age. I grew up skateboarding and was always in the streets with my friends, I was introduced to tagging in the 7th grade. Skating and tagging went hand and hand together. I started getting up and chilling with the local tagging crew call TSU, (TEARING SHIT UP). Which later became DTD, (DOWN TO DESTROY) out of the L.A. harbor area, I was put down in 1992 and it was on from there… After a battle D@D clicked up with DIS, (DONE IN SECONDS) out of Gardena. The 2 crews would write D2DIS or DTDIS. I was just a tagger then. We never liked the term “tagger”, we called ourselves “mobers”, I didn’t give a shit about piecing or art at that time. It was all about “getting up!”. Mobbing the streets and freeways, killing center dividers, doing fatty scribes on buses, writing on absolutely everything… I fell in love with vandalism! Those were the good old days!

3. How did you choose your name?

That’s a good questions, I had to change my name more then once due to getting pinched for graff a couple of times. We pretty much burned ourselves coming up, that the pigs knew who we were. The Orange P.D. Santa Ana P.D. and the Anaheim P.D. would team up & conduct raids on us, after getting my moms door kicked in a few times I decided it was time to change my identity. I started writing RB1 in 1996 I chose this name simply because it is my initials & I wanted a name I could bomb fast. In late 1997 I added the A and Y and replaced it with an E. Adding the E at the end of my name made it more fun to paint, I was getting looser with my style and was pushing myself harder to go out and paint as much as possible.

4. What year(s) did you start reping KOG & LTS?

I got down with KOG in early 1998 and LTS in 2000

5. Whose some of your biggest influences?

There are a grip of dope writers out there but, I’d have to say that my biggest influence is my crew and my surroundings. I’m inspired by my crew the most, to many names to list, each member has inspired me in one way or the other…. Thank you guys!

6. Any crazy stories while on a mission?

Too many crazy stories…. I got stories about getting away from the ghetto bird, getting caught by the ghetto bird, crack heads causing a seen when trying to paint a spot, even a couple of high speed chases the list goes on. I had the pigs let me go one time after pretty much getting caught red handed it was with the homie Tabue LTS, Aloy & Fate from MSK and myself. I think we were all pretty much faded, I brought a couple tall boys with me to the spot. We were painting a abandon golf driving range off Olympic in Korea town. The lot was kind of lit up, there was a small rooftop spot that I went to bust on that was right under a street light, everyone else was in the lot doing burners. I had a good view of Olympic Blvd. It was all good, I was rocking my burner and swigging my tall boy when suddenly I heard that familiar squeaky sound that we all know is a fucking pig breaking when we hear it. I dropped, laying flat on my chest peeked down the edge of the roof and seen onetime creeping & crawling. They kept going as if they didn’t see any of us. We all laid low for a while then started getting busy again, just when I thought we were in the clear the ghetto bird beams up the lot with its light.
I stash my paint and quickly get off the roof but, by the time I get down the cops are making there way into the lot (we were gated in), I see everyone scatter and jump the wall by that time the pigs were closing in, I had no other choice but to go into the abandon building and hide and hope they wouldn’t find me. There was absolutely nowhere for me to hide and every step I took made a shit load of noise because there was broken glass and rubbish everywhere (I think the building was being torn down). I went into the building as far as I could and hid in a room. I managed to still have a tall boy on me during all this, my sweater was covered in paint and luckily I had some rubber gloves on so there wasn’t a speck of paint on my hands. I had enough time to put my sweater on inside out and crack my beer open before I got hemmed up. The pig found me hiding behind a door, pulled me out at gunpoint searched me and threw me in the squad car. There was like 10 squad cars on the street, when they started questioning me I told them my old lady and I were coming home from a bar and we started arguing because I was drinking in the car. I got out of the car at the red light because I didn’t want to hear her shit any more. I told them I didn’t want to get caught drinking on the street so I hopped into the lot to finish off a couple cold ones, the next thing I knew the cops were every where and I hid because I thought I was getting busted for trespassing. They asked me who was doing graffiti several times and I denied knowing anything about graffiti and that I didn’t see any body. They harassed me for a while…. I knew the good cop bad cop routine all to well so I kept to my story. After being in the back of the squad car for about 2 hours the Sargent showed up let me out the car and unhand-cuffed me. They even offered me a ride and told me I was in a bad neighborhood…. This is one of them close call stories.

7. Any shout outs?

Yes, shout out to my crews the LAST TO SURVIVIE & KILLERS OF GIANTS

Family and everyone down with us…. AYER, VERSE, JENSE, INK5 Rest In Peace….. SINER, BRAIL, MARK7, DRYE, KYLE, DOOBIE, VERSUZ, JHER, JROCK, FOKES, THOR, DETR, HEKTO, FISHE, SLOTH, KLEAN, and the rest of the crew…..the homie THYST & my crime partner DRIL and the 9th click. My grandfather R.I.P. & SHOOT DTDIS9 R.I.P.

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